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Tosh puesta a prueba
Jack y Tosh

2x03 To The Last Man (Hasta el último hombre)

Este capítulo, centrado en la breve relación de Toshiko Sato con Tommy Browckless (Anthony Lewis) recuerda a varios de la primera temporada: Out of Time (1x10) en el que Owen conoce a la aviadora Diane,  y a Captain Jack Harkness (1x12), en el que Jack se encuentra con Jack y comparte con ellos que uno de los protagonistas principales se enamora de alguien que por distintas circunstancias está fuera de su tiempo y la invetibabilidad de que el Destino de cada persona se cumpla.

Además, se muestra por primera vez un equipo anterior de Torchwood, el de 1918, algo que se repetirá en el episodio Fragments (2x12) cuando se recuerde el reclutamiento de Jack a finales del siglo XIX.

Tosh y Tommy en 1918  
Los componentes de Torchwood en 1918 descubren a Toshiko junto a Tommy

El destino de Tommy:

Tommy: What did he tell you? What happens to me?

Tosh: He said you went to France.
Tommy: Then what? Do they find my body?... Well that's something.

Tosh y Tommy estrechan lazos

Aunque el momento más espeado por sus fans es el del beso de Ianto a Jack que ganó el NewNowNext Award al mejor beso gay en competencia con el Jack/John de Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Jack: This time tomorrow, he'll be back in 1918.
In his own time. Would you go back to yours? If you could?
Why, would you miss me?
I left home a long time ago. I don't really know where I really belong. Maybe that doesn't matter any more.
Ianto: I know you get lonely.
Going home wouldn't fix that. Being here, I've seen things I never dreamt I'd see. Loved people I never would have known if I'd just stayed where I was. And I wouldn't change that for the world.

 Ianto besa a Jack

La despedida entre Tosh y Tommy:

Tosh: Tommy, It's a key, you have to use it.

Tommy: I'm scared.
Tosh: It's alright.
Tommy: That's why I'm here, I'm a coward.
Tosh: No, you're not.
Tommy: So what am I fighting for?
Tosh: For the future, for me. Because you're my brave handsome hero.
Tosh: Tommy, use the key. Thank you.
Tommy: Goodbye.

El título del capítulo (Hasta el último hombre) es parte de la orden emitida por el Mariscal de Campo Douglas Haig el 11 de abril de 1918 en repuesta a una ofensiva alemana: "There is no other course open to us but to fight it out. Every position must be held to the last man: there must be no retirement. With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause each one of us must fight on to the end."

El comentario de Tommy acerca de lo ridículo que resulta salvar al mundo en pijama recuerda la misma situación en el capítulo de Doctor who en que aparece por primera vez David Tennant, The Christmas Invasion, en el que resolvía la situación en pijama y bata.

Tommy tiene miedo
Jack y Tommy

Toshiko y Owen
Owen consuela a Toshiko

2x04 Meat (Carne)

Este es el primero de los dos capítulos (el otro será Something Borrowed) en el que Rhys tendrá una importancia relevante enla trama. En esta ocasión su compañía de transportes se ve involucrada en el traslado de una extraña carne que resulta pertenecer a un enorme animal extraterrestre.
Enfrentándose a las órdenes de Jack, Gwen decide contarle lo que hace:

I catch aliens

Come on, let's have it all. What exactly do I need protecting from?
I catch aliens.
Piss off! You piss off...
If you won't take it seriously... This is why I couldn't tell you. I hunt aliens and I scavenge the stuff they leave behind. Sometimes I don't believe it.
Jesus Christ! What's getting into you? Have you been brainwashed? Is that what's happened? Cos you are talking high-grade shit here.
Every word is the truth. Rhys... The things I have seen... The times I have wanted to tell you. ..
Aliens. In Cardiff.
Have you never seen something so mad, so...  extraordinary... that, just for one second, you think there might be more out there?
Prove it.
Gwen: Well, this is unprecedented...

Jack y Rhys intercambian opiniones

El siguiente paso es que Rhys visite Torchwood... y se enfrente a Jack:

Rhys: Well if you stopped and ASKED me exactly what I saw in there instead of showin' off.
Captain Jack: Do I show off?
Ianto: Just a bit.
: You'd know that I got out by telling them I wanted a job as a delivery boy, so rather than cock things up, I found you a way to get in. But if you can't handle that, big boy, you can stuff it!
Captain Jack
: This is quite homoerotic.

Beso Observado por Jack
Gwen besa a Rhys bajo la atenta mirada de Jack

Rhys: Why her? 0f all the women you could have chosen...
She chose us.  Kinda stumbled upon us.
Rhys: So did I.

Doubt you'll be asking me to join. We needed someone with police skills.
Could have chosen anyone. Did you ever think about us? You know, me, her parents, people who love her, who want her safe?
No, I'm sorry.We needed her. 0n her first day of work, she told me off for being too clinical. She doesn't hold back, mind. Stubborn as hell.
: Tell me about it.
  Yeah, she's an amazing girl.
I'm a lucky man, Jack.
  Yeah, you said it.
I just wish you were a bit uglier. Not gay, by any chance, are you?

Cambiando impresiones sobre Gwen

Gwen discute con Jack sobre Rhys:

Gwen: I'm not doing it. I won't drug him.
You have to. You can't allow him to remember. It's the rules. But none of you have any partners outside of this. But we understand how you feel.
No, you don't. No, you don't, Jack! You all think it's cold and lonely out there. But it isn't for me because I have him. He matters. And I've lied to him for long enough. What he did today was so brave, braver than any of us because we signed up for this. But he didn't! He did it because he loves me, and I won't take that away from him!I won't! And if that means I have to quit  or you retcon me or whatever, then fine, fine.
You really think you could go back to your old life before Torchwood?
  I wouldn't know anything different.
I would... Give Rhys my love, and I will see you tomorrow.

*** T ***


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